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Home > All Product > 10/8FF-GH Sand Gravel Pump for Pipe Jacking Project

10/8FF-GH Sand Gravel Pump for Pipe Jacking Project

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Product Brands: Tobee

Tobee® manufacturers 6/4D-G, 6/4E-G, 6/6E-G, 8/6E-G, 10/8S-G, 10/8S-GH, 10/8F-G, 10/8FF-G, 12/10F-G, 12/10FF-G, 12/10G-G, 12/10G-GH, 14/12G-G, 14/12T-G, 16/14G-G, 16/14T-G, 16/14TU-GH, 18/16TU-G, 18/16TU-GH sand gravel dredge pumps and wearing spare parts.


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Pump Type:

Gravel Pump

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Tobee® G/GH Gravel pumps are designed to handle large particles for gravel and dredging operations, with a wide flow channel, It is mainly applied for continuous handling of the most difficult higher abrasive gravels, slurries, sands, bentonite, clay, rock etc. 

Tobee® 10/8 F-GH Gravel Sand Pumps are the most comprehensive range of centrifugal gravel sand pumps for use in mining, chemical and general industry applications. The horizontal sand gravel pumps are designed for heavy duty applications such as mining, power sector,dredging river,and tailings as well as specialty applications, which are used for continuous pumping of high abrasive, high density sand and gravels. 

Tobee® 10/8 F-GH Gravel Sand Pump Advantages:

Large drdging depth, high density of dredging mud, good NPSH and stronger suction lift ability
Strong through-put. The pump can persistently discharge gravel, high plastic soil lump and so on
The pump can be directly matched with either motor or diesel engine
Wide application. It can be used in various kinds of soil quality.
Little hydraulic loss, high efficiency and low oil-consumption
Little volume, light weight
Steady operating, little vibration, low noise
Simple & reliable construction, easily disassembly & assembly, convenient maintaining
Reliable sealing without leakage
Long operation life of parts, high reliability of whole set, long MTBF
Obvious economic efficiency and energy-saving

The G/GH Gravel Dredging Pumps Applications:

river course, reservoir desalting, coastal reclamation, stretching, deep-sea mining and tailing acquisition etc. Gravel pumps are designed for continuously handling the most difficult higher abrasive slurries which contain too big solids to be pumped by a common pump. They are suitable for delivering slurries in Mining, Explosive sludge in metal melting, Dredging in dredger and course of rivers, and other fields.


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