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Slurry Pump Manufacturers in the past have enjoyed a position of captured business when it comes to operating and maintenance expenses for the industries they serve.


Slurry Pump Manufacturer


This is due to the fact that often, once a slurry pump is installed, expensive bases, piping and most importantly spare parts are solely manufactured by the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). This type of monopolistic control over the market doesn't exist in many other places in industry.


Competition for slurry pump spare parts business in any industry always benefits the end user.  Each competitor is forced to engage in a fight for the business by offering faster lead times, lower pricing, and better service, all to the distinct advantage of the customer!


Only in the past decade or so have slurry pump manufacturers encountered aftermarket parts suppliers that reproduce OEM slurry pump parts with the exacting precision and quality that end users rely upon. Tobee® fits into this market as a company that saw a need for competition in the slurry pump marketplace, and eventually evolved into a full-service engineering, manufacturing and service organization. Not only do we provide competition for Standard slurry pumps and spare parts on many of their existing successful slurry pump lines, but we can also engineer quality systems for end users from the ground up with Tobee® pumps.


As a big Manufacturer of Slurry Pumps in North of China. Tobee factory built in 1987, with 32 Pump Specialists, 45 Pump Engineers, 285 Pump Technicians and 16 Pump QC and some ohter stuffs etc.


Tobee® owns full manufacture line for slurry pumps, Including Material Laboratory, Patterns workshop, Foundry workshop, Heat treatment workshop, Machining workshop, Assembly workshop, Forge welding workshop, Spare parts warehouse, Performance test platform etc.


Tobee® also passed the factory audit from ISO9001, ISO9004, CE, SGS, API, UL, Declaration of Conformity etc. and have full of experience in dealing with the big customers.


Tobee® is capable to manufacture various slurry pump series, Including AH, HH, L, M, Series Slurry Pumps, SP/SPR Vertical Slurry Pumps, G/GH Gravel Pumps, WN/WND Dredge Pumps, AF/AHF Froth Slurry Pumps, MC/MCR Mill Circuit Pumps, SC, XU, TC Slurry Pumps etc.


Tobee® offers various slurry pump materials for different working condition requirements:


1. High chrome alloys (A05, A05A, A07, A09, A12, A21, A33, A49, A51, A61, A68)
2. Natural Rubber or Elastomers (R08, R24, R26, R33, R55, R56, S01, S02, S12, S21, S31, S42, S45, S51)
3. Polyurethane (U01, U02, U05, U13, U14, U38, U15A)
4. Ceramic (Y07, Y08, J04, J05)
5. Stainless steel (C21, C23, C25, C26, C44, C55)
6. Steel (E02, E03, E05, E10, E32, E62, E65)
7. Cast iron ( G01, D20, D21, D23, D70)
8. Polymer (P03, P30, P50,
9. Bronze ( K24, K31)
10. Gland packing: (Q05, Q05A, Q21, Q22, X06)


Tobee® Slurry Pumps can be used for various applications:


Mining & Mineral Processing
The slow running speeds of the Tobee heavy duty slurry pump, together with the comprehensive choice of abrasion resistant alloys and rubber, provide unrivalled performance and service life for all abrasive mining and minerals processing applications.


Chemical Process
The interchangeability of alloy and rubber components in the same pump casing, together with a wide range of mechanical seals, make the Tobee slurry pump the most flexible choice for the chemical plant environment.


Sand & Gravel
Designed for easy and simple strip down and re-assembly, the Tobee heavy duty rubber lined slurry pump minimises downtime, making it the ideal choice where installed stand by slurry pumps are not available.


Sugar Processing
The premium reliability and service life of the Tobee horizontal slurry pump is specified by many sugar plant engineers worldwide where uninterrupted pump operation during the sugar campaign is a critical requirement.


Flue Gas Desulphurisation
The new generation of specially formulated abrasion and corrosion resistant alloys, together with the very latest rubber technology, positions Tobee Pumps firmly as a major supplier of pumps to the FGD industry.


Oil & Gas Exploration
Over a number of years we have developed the proven design of the Tobee slurry pump ranges to suit the specific demands of offshore applications. We can now offer the most reliable top side solution to erosive wear.


Industrial Applications
Wherever abrasive solids are causing premature failure of slurry pumps, the Tobee heavy duty slurry pump range has the right combination of performance, wear life and reliability to bring the customer the lowest cost of ownership.

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