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C2036HS1U38 Polyurethane Frame Plate Liner of 3/2C-AH Pumps

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Product Brands: Tobee

C2036HS1U38 PU Frame Plate Liner is Hi-seal Wear Parts of 3/2C-AH Warman Pumps


$1,470.00 $1,499.00

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U38 U01

Part Code:

C2036HS1U38 C2036


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C2036HS1U38 Polyurethane Frame Plate Liner is used for 3x2C-AH Slurry Pumps.


Tobee® Slurry Pump Polyurethane Liners have Cover plate liners, Frame plate liner, The liners are together with throat bush and Frame plate liner insert form a pump chamber, The impeller works in it. The polyurethane liners are generally made of polyurethane without steel skeleton. But the polyurethane impeller, throat bush and frame plate liner insert are embedded the steel skeleton.


Design Features of Slurry Pump Polyurethane Liners:

√ Slurry pump Polyurethane Liners wear resistance is excellent, the wear resistance of polyurethane slurry pump sets is generally rubber slurry pump parts and metal slurry pump more than 3-5 times, polyurethane slurry pump parts is more longer life, and thus replace the low frequency, high efficiency.
√ Slurry pump polyurethane liners with excellent hydrolysis resistance, oil, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance. It can be used in any mineral processing, transportation environment.
√ Slurry pump polyurethane liners sets of special production process makes the polyurethane is directly cast with a steel skeleton, polyurethane adhesive layer and steel skeleton bonding firmly, not degumming, continuous layer.
√ Slurry pump polyurethane liners surface is smooth, no burr, non-stick material, low coefficient of friction, the material running resistance is small, high transport efficiency.
√ Slurry pump polyurethane liners with excellent rebound performance, impact resistance, can effectively reduce the impact of the transport medium on the pump.
√ Slurry pump polyurethane liners sets the use of no noise, can greatly improve the working environment.


Frame Plate Liners Codes:


Slurry Pumps

Frame Plate Liner Code



B1036 / B1036TL1 / B1036HS1

U38, U01


B15036 / B15036TL1 / B15036HS1

U38, U01


C2036 / C2036TL1 / C2036HS1

U38, U01


D3036 / D3036TL1 / D3036HS1 / D3036EP

U38, U01


E4036 / E4036TL1 /E4036HS1 / E4036EP

U38, U01


F6036 / F6036TL1 / F6036HS1 / F6036EP

U38, U01


F8036 / F8036TL1 / F8036HS1

U38, U01


G8036 / G036TL1 / G8036TL1HS1

U38, U01


G10036 / G10036TL1 / G10036HS1

U38, U01


G12043 / G12043TL1

U38, U01



U38, U01



U38, U01

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