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2022 Slurry Pump Parts

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Tobee® Pump can supply slurry pump parts in Hyperchrome alloy, Rubber, Polyurethane, and Ceramic for different abrasive slurry or slurry with sharp particles.

Tobee® Alloy slurry pump parts are manufactured to the highest degree of mechanical integrity through the use of accurate 3-D modeling. Tobee uses the latest SolidWorks and FaroArm technology to design precise slurry pump parts at the beginning of our manufacturing process, and inspect and verify those parts before shipping. Tobee cast slurry pump parts can handle the toughest abrasive applications, and adhere to all relevant ASTM standards. Our most popular 27-28% high chrome metallurgy has a guaranteed 650+ Brinell hardness. A variety of alternative metallurgies are available for more corrosive applications.

Tobee® Rubber slurry pump wearing parts are main parts in rubber lined slurry pumps, including impeller, cover plate liner, frame plate liner, throatbush, frame plate liner insert etc., the rubber parts contact with slurry, which impart and direct the centrifugal force to the slurry, Thy are pressure resistant, wear resistant, corrosion resistant. Due to the rugged environment, Rubber slurry pump parts are normally manufactured in Natural rubber or synthetic rubber.

Tobee® Polyurethane Slurry Pump Wetted Parts including: Polyurethane impellers, polyurethane throatbush, polyurethane cover plate liners, polyurethane frame plate liners, polyurethane frame plate liner insert. Polyurethane slurry pump spares using high-quality wear-resistant polyurethane material using a mold casting molding, are light weight, convenient transportation, and replacement, can be used in a variety of slurry and corrosive slurry.

Tobee® Ceramic slurry pump spares including Impeller, Throat bush, Volute Liner, Shaft sleeves etc, The ceramic material is Si3N4-SiC in sintering or pouring process, wear resisting performance of Si3N4-SiC slurry pump parts is 3.13 times than Cr15Mo3(A07) with Mohs hardness 8.9, only after Diamond and Cubic Boron Nitride. Compare with similar products,  Tobee ceramic slurry pump parts density is about 5% higher than others, and double flexural strength higher at normal temperature.

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