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12x10 FF AH Mill Discharge Slurry Pump

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12x10FF AH

Product Brands: Tobee

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12x10 FF AH Mill Discharge Slurry Pump is made for high wearing and heavy duty applications. 12/10 slurry pumps and replacement parts are used worldwide industries like mining, mineral processing, power generation, aggregate processing, or any type of slurry pumping application. Tobee specialise in handling the toughest and most abrasive applications and have taken this to a new level with the AH series slurry pumps.


12x10 FF AH Mill Discharge Slurry Pump Feature:

1. 12x10FF AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump can fully interchange with world famous brand. 
2. AH slurry pumps are of heavy-duty construction, designed for continuous pumping of highly abrasive and corrosive slurries. 
3. They feature a wide choice of replaceable abrasion resistant metal or moulded elastomer casting liners and Impellers, which are all interchangeable within a common casting assembly.
4. Wear -resistant Metal Liner and Rubber Liner are all available for ash slurry pump.
5. Seal Types of replacement warman slurry pump: gland Seal , Expeller Seal and Meachnical seal
6. 12x10 AH Centrifugal Water Slurry Pumps can be installed in multistage series
7. 12x10FF - AH Centrifugal Horizontal Slurry Pump can be positioned at intervals of 45 degree.
8. tobee pump easy to maintenance


12x10 FF AH Mill Discharge Slurry Pump Application:

12/10FF AH Centrifugal Slurry Pump with Electric Motor  are widely used in mining, power, metallurgy, coal, deading, building material and other industrial lines to pump concentrate, tailings, sludge and other abrasive, high density slurries, minerals flotation processing, electric factory coal preparation, coal washing, chemical medium processing, effluent handling, sand and gravel handling.

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