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> SLURRY PUMP PARTS > High Pressure 3/2D-HH Slurry Pumps Spare Parts List

High Pressure 3/2D-HH Slurry Pumps Spare Parts List

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TB - DH2083A05-A05

Product Brands: Tobee

Tobee® high head 3/2D HH slurry pumps and wetted end parts manufacturer in China, 3x2D HH slurry pumps spare parts mainly include: DH2110A05 volute liner, DH2147NA impeller, DH2013D21 cover plate, DH2032D21 frame plate, DH2083A05 throatbush, DH2041NA frame plate liner insert etc



Pump Type:

HH Slurry Pump


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3x2D-HH slurry pumps wearing spare parts 100% interchangeable with warman pump parts!

3/2D HH slurry pumps spare parts mainly include: DH2110A05 volute liner, DH2147NA impeller, DH2083A05 throatbush, DH2041NA frma plate liner insert etc.

Tobee® 3/2 D HH High Head Slurry Pumps and Spare Parts, Commonly used for long distance transport lines, the high head slurry pump lines can often satisfy application duties with a single pump where others require multiple pumps in series.

Detailed specification:

1. Horizontal, cantilevered, centrifugal, single stage slurry pump.

2.Long bearing life: The bearing assembly is with large diameter shaft and short overhang.

3. Wear resistant and anti abrasion wet parts: High chrome alloy and rubber etc. They are completely interchangeable with each other.

4. Easily replaceable liners: Liners are bolted to the casing.

5. Easy adjustment of impeller: An impeller adjustment mechanism is provided below the bearing housing.

6 Discharge direction can be positioned at intervals of 45 degrees.

7. Simple maintenance throat bush: the mating face of the throat bush is tapered, so the wear is reduced and removal is simple.

8. Sealing type: pcking seal,impeller sealing and mechanical seal.

9. Widely application: They are designed for handling abrasive, high density slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, power, building material and other industrial departments.

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