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Home > SLURRY PUMP PARTS > AH Slurry Pump Parts > 4/3 AH Slurry Pump > D044-K24 Gland Assembly for 4/3D-AH Gland Packing Seal Slurry Pump

D044-K24 Gland Assembly for 4/3D-AH Gland Packing Seal Slurry Pump

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Product Brands: Tobee

Glad Packing Seal Slurry Pump Parts Gland Assembly D044K24 for Warman 4/3D-AH Pumps


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D044-K24 Gland Assembly is one of spare parts for 4/3D-AH Slurry Pumps.


Slurry pump Gland Assembly part code: B044, C044, D044, E044, F044, G044, H044, GH044, B044G01, C044G01, D044G01, E044G01, F044G01, G044G01, H044G01, GH044G01


The packing as a seal to prevent water from leaking out of the pump and air into the pump. Gland Assembly is primarily used to compress the packing to ensure a tight seal between the packing and the bushing. Gland Assembly has a split Gland Assembly that is typically used in slurry pumps.


The stuffing box seal is composed of packing box body, packing, gland, bolt and other basic parts. The packing placed between the box body and the rotating shaft is radially extended under the axial force of the bolt force and the gland, so that the packing is tight. Adhered to the periphery of the rotating shaft, the lubricating oil added from the oil cup will form a very thin oil film between the packing and the contact surface of the rotating shaft when the shaft rotates, which not only has lubricating effect, but also prevents the medium in the kettle from escaping and Infiltration of gas outside the kettle.


The sealing form of the Centrifugal Slurry Pump mainly includes packing seal, auxiliary impeller seal and mechanical seal. The packing seal can be used together with the auxiliary impeller seal. The packing sealing structure is simple, low in cost and easy to maintain, and is widely used in various types of Centrifugal Slurry Pumps.

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